Features - Stockone

Warehouse management

  • Inventory visibility across locations
  • System directed picking and putaway
  • Comprehensive stock management
  • Cycle count, adjust/move inventory
  • Barcode scanning and generation
  • Stock transfer across sister warehouses


Procurement management

  • Raise and receive purchase orders
  • Inbound quality check and putaway
  • Auto ordering based on threshold norms
  • Supplier communications & management
  • Vendor stock management
  • Sales returns tracking


Multichannel order management

  • B2B, B2C, offline and online orders processing
  • Location level picklist generation
  • Invoice generation
  • Single order/ multi-order batch picking
  • Back order management
  • Retail POS
  • Payment tracking


Job work management

  • Job order processing
  • Bill of materials explosion
  • Executing returnable work orders
  • Tracking across production stages
  • Pre-costing and post-costing
  • Made-to-stock, made-to-order and custom-order management


Customer panel

  • Fresh and up-to-date product catalog
  • Unique customer logins for all customers and resellers
  • Visibility of 1-day and 3-day stock
  • Order placement from anywhere at any time
  • Centralised order update and processing
  • Order history and tracking


Integrations and control panel

  • Multi-warehouse capability
  • Configurable user access profiles for role-based login
  • FIFO/FMFO support
  • Serialization
  • Load unit management
  • Tally Integration


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